Working from home means inevitably having both your personal and professional lives collide. Consequently, this leads to a lot of distractions that will affect the quality of your work as well as your “me time”. This is why using a private mailbox for your home office has become more important than ever.

Having one lets you separate work from your personal life, giving you a sense of focus and productivity when in your home office. And in case you’re not yet convinced, here are more reasons why you should use a private mailbox for your home office.

What’s a Private Mailbox?

Now, the concept of using private mailboxes may be quite new to some although many professionals have been doing it for years now.

A private mailbox is basically your own private box with its own address. Your chosen company will be receiving and consolidating all your parcels, letters, and other documents. Instead of waiting for the items you’ve been expecting to be dropped off at your doorstep, you can just go to your private mailbox location and sign for them once you are notified.

Why Use One for Your Home Office?

Now that perhaps, you’re more familiar with private mailboxes, we’ll go straight to the point. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use one for your home office:

Better Work-life Balance

I know we’ve all heard a bunch of clichés about work-life balance ever since the start of the pandemic. Most of us suddenly had to do our jobs at our homes instead of our offices. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have a better one and keep the line between personal and career life defined? With a private mailbox, separating work from private matters becomes a no-brainer.

You can have all your work-related documents and parcels delivered to your private mailbox. Thus, they won’t mix up with your bills, holiday cards, and love letters (if you’ve got any). You may also opt to get another one for other personal matters you don’t want people from your residence to have access to.

100% Security

Most companies like Pack & Mail Plus utilize advanced locks and security systems. These will give you peace of mind knowing your private parcels and documents are absolutely safe. The mailboxes themselves are also kept in a private room or cubicle monitored by CCTVs or other advanced surveillance software and equipment. These are only accessible through a private entrance.

It Lets You Keep Things Private

Having a nosy neighbor or housemate who loves to peep through your private spaces even when you don’t authorize them can be quite frustrating. Well, this will happen less often if the deliveries are done outside of your home instead of being dropped off at your doorstep. 

The good thing about these is that they’re usually located in private premises with private entrances. Thus, there is no way for people outside to get access to personal or private letters and packages.

It Lets You Protect Your Personal Information

Speaking of keeping things private, having a private mailbox also protects the privacy or exclusivity of your personal information. Renting one will give you your private address. Hence, your parcels won’t be tagged with your personal information like contact numbers, bank account details, among others. If nobody has this private address except for you, then no one else will get access to such personal data.

Your Parcel, Your Time

Having private mailboxes also saves you from so much hassle. You won’t have to wait for your personal deliveries to be dropped off at your doorstep or schedule a date and time for someone to deliver them. Once you’re notified of the parcel or letter you’ve been expecting, you can already go over to the location, sign for the items, and leave.

Moreover, most locations like ours are accessible 24/7, so you can go claim your parcels any time of the day or even when it’s way past your usual “curfew.”

It Makes Organizing Parcels More Convenient

As previously mentioned, your personal letters, bills, and private parcels won’t get mixed up anymore with work-related files. These include documents you receive from your clients and business partners. This will surely save you a lot of time in seeking out parcels or private items and eliminate the possibility of misplacing private documents.

Less Clutter

Unopened letters, especially the not-too-important can be easily stashed or hidden in these boxes. The less clutter you have at your home office, the better you can concentrate on your work.

At the same time, these will free up a lot of space at your household or residences that can be used for other things. You can now have a private space dedicated only to private parcels and letters where you don’t have to stack up all the unopened letters you’ve been expecting.

Less Chance of Getting Your Parcel Lost in Transit

Home addresses can sometimes be quite confusing for some mailmen or delivery truck drivers. If you’ve got one that’s pretty hard to find, it can take a long time before they find your house, especially if you’re not around when the delivery is made.

Thanks to private mailboxes, private deliveries like parcels and private letters will be accessed much faster. In fact, in just a matter of seconds because these boxes are well-organized and labeled for such purposes. It’d also be much easier for any delivery person to locate an establishment like Pack & Mail Plus with a storefront receiving the parcels than to look for private houses.

It Increases Your Productivity

Because you won’t have to keep checking your mailbox for important private letters, you will have more time to yourself or do other things. You can use this extra time to work on your private projects or get ahead of your personal schedule.

It Gives You an Official Business Address

The address provided by your chosen company can be used as your official business address. This address is guaranteed legitimate and easy to locate for any mail carrier. Thus, would also be the perfect home office solution for freelancers and small e-commerce business owners.

Private Mailbox Vs. Traditional Post Office Box

p.o. box

Some may think that getting a P.O. box already does the trick. Similar to a private mailbox, traditional P.O. boxes allow you to receive and store personal letters and parcels away from your private residence. However, while this may be the relatively cheaper option, you lose out on a lot of things private mailboxes can offer.

The following are just some benefits which you won’t get from using P.O. boxes:

  • A private mailbox’s private, secured location can’t be accessed by just anybody, unlike those P.O. boxes that are public and available for anyone to use. This means that the former provides a greater level of security for private letters and parcels.
  • You can’t use your P.O. box’s address as an official business address unless you make them private P.O. box and its assigned number and location private as well, which can be quite a hassle compared to just renting private mailboxes in the first place.
  • It can also be much bigger than a P.O. box depending on the company you’ll be renting from.

Things to Consider Before Renting One

Now before you choose one for your private home office, there are still some other factors you’ll need to take into account. This is to ensure that the company you’ll be renting from would best suit your needs.

With that, here are some of the things you need to consider when looking for private mailboxes rentals in San Antonio, Texas:


Renting from a company located too far from your private home defeats its purpose. Make sure that the private mailbox establishment is located near your private home office and easy to find.

What Kind of Mailbox Do You Need?

Different companies offer different types of private mailboxes. Here are the most common types you’ll see:

  • Front Door Locked Box – This is commonly attached to your front door, which can be used for receiving private letters and parcels.
  • Private Lobby Kiosk – This is installed inside a private lobby of an office building, which can be used for private postal delivery and drop-off.

Your Budget

In choosing private mailboxes, make sure that the rental company you choose offers private boxes within your price range. You can get private boxes with a renting price of just a little over $200 a year for a private front door locked box. There are also private lobby kiosks which cost roughly around $800 a year.

How to Get One?

Perhaps it’s now pretty clear that getting one is definitely something you must consider. When you’re working from your own home office, it’s worth it to invest your hard-earned money in it. But, how exactly do you get one?

Browse Your Chosen Mailbox Rental Company’s Website and Social Media Pages

The company you’re thinking of renting from should have a website and social media pages (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). Take a look at these companies’ websites and social media pages to see if they have all the services you’ll need.

Visit Their Physical Location

The best way to be sure about the company you’re renting from is to visit their physical location. This way, you’ll see first-hand what kind of services they have and whether or not you’ll benefit from it.

Seal the Deal

You’re pretty much all set once you’re certain about the company you’ll be renting from. All that’s left for you to do is identify the plans and payment options suited for you and sign up to seal the deal.

In case you’re still in search of a rental company you can trust here in San Antonio, Texas, we at Pack & Mail Plus have got you covered.

We provide private mailbox services to private individuals and small businesses in San Antonio, Texas. All you’ve got to do is contact us or visit our store to find out more about the private mailbox rental and other services we offer.


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