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Selecting the best envelope to remit your document is easy with our team. If you need supplies for your envelopes, look no more than Pack & Mail Plus. We have stocks available for envelopes of all sizes, colors, lengths, or shapes.

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  • Baronial Envelopes or Announcement Envelopes. These envelopes are famous and used for different occasions like greetings, informal invitations, or announcements.

  • A-Style Envelopes. For promotional pieces, invitations, small brochures, and booklets, use A-style envelopes.

  • Commercial Envelopes. Use commercial envelopes for personal or business letter purposes. These envelopes are also known as officials.

  • Booklet Envelopes. For sending brochures, booklets, pictures, or statements, booklet envelopes are suitable.

  • Square Envelopes. Use square envelopes when sending invitations for social gatherings and parties.

  • Catalog Envelopes. Prevent creases and folds in your policies, reports, catalogs, resumes, and other documents in catalog envelopes. They are optimum for face-to-face presentations and life-changing deals.

  • Pocket Envelopes. When you need to send small-sized documents like passports, receipts, photos, or coupons, use the pocket envelopes.

  • Air Mail Envelopes. When sending important and urgent mail to other countries quickly, Air Mail envelopes are perfect to utilize.

Suppose you still value the traditional way of sending letters, invitations, business proposals, or notices to somebody; choosing the suitable envelopes for your documents plays an important role.

You can also use an envelope to ensure a secure document remittance. If you have no idea which is the best envelope to use for your mails, our reliable staff will help you choose the suitable envelopes to use.

You deserve a quick and secure shipping experience that suits your budget. That’s why our proud staff are happy to serve you today.

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