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Today’s advanced technology made our lives easier and more convenient. Almost everything is cashless because of the various e-wallet applications we can use to pay for our purchases or to send and receive money anywhere.

Speaking of sending and receiving money, do you send and receive money from time to time? One of our services is sending money domestically or internationally.

Through our partners (Vigo by Western Union), sending and receiving your cash is easily accessible. We provide assistance when you need to send and receive your money. Instead of going to other locations like banks, check cashiers, grocery stores, convenience stores, or drug stores to claim your money, you can get your cash from our store. Furthermore, you can directly send the money to the recipient’s bank account within the US through Vigo Money Transfer, alongside paying your bills.

When you need to transfer money internationally, you can send the receiver’s cash to their bank accounts if the recipient is within Mexico. However, if the beneficiary is in another country, claiming the money is through Western Union. Western Unions are scattered to different parts of the world and in many cities, provinces, or regions of a specific country; therefore, claiming the remittance is not a problem.

Why choose Vigo for your money transfer?

  • The company has been operating for many years (25 years), so it has an excellent foundation in the money transfer business.

  • Vigo is partnered with Western Union – a well-established, reputable, and trustworthy currency provider in and outside the U.S.

  • There are more than 50,000 agent locations around the United States of America and 14,000 agent locations around the globe.

  • Sending money to the recipient within Mexico is straightforward because you can send the cash into the beneficiary’s bank account.

  • Both Spanish and English languages are available on the website for your convenience.

  • The service fee is affordable compared to others.

What are the benefits of sending and receiving money through Western Union?

  • Western Union provides the most significant money transfer worldwide..

  • They are all over the world, so claiming the cash is favorable.

  • The company is applauded worldwide for its high-quality service, reliability, speed, convenience, and trust for its patrons.

  • Western Union’s reliability in serving its consumers is outstanding globally.

  • According to their customer’s feedback, the service is fast and safe. The personnel is precise and honest. Plus, the service is easily accessible.

  • Most importantly, because of its excellent reputation, using their services is safe.

The partnership of Vigo and Western union is a perfect combination for your money transfer transactions.

Therefore, through the assistance of the most trusted and well-established money transfer companies we are partnered with, transferring your money within the U.S. and other countries is very convenient. We give you 100% security and assurance that your money is in good hands.

What are you waiting for? Start sending and receiving your payments, remittances, and other money transfer transactions with us and make your business deals straightforward and hassle-free!

You deserve a quick and secure shipping experience that suits your budget. That’s why our proud staff are happy to serve you today.

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