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Secure and Fast Item Delivery Through Pack & Mail Plus Full Pack and Ship Services

Pack and Ship Services

Sending an item sounds easy, but you need to consider how to protect it during the journey. You also want to choose the best team to get it across town , the state , country or the continent and put it to your recipient’s door or mailbox. Sending several of them also takes time, effort, and resources, hindering you from doing more important tasks.

That’s why we’re here for you, ready to provide a smooth and easy shipping experience. We have a team of logistics professionals who have a complete set of tools to pack and ship your items. If you need a full-service delivery team in San Antonio, Texas, look no more than Pack & Mail Plus!

How do our experts secure your item with safety and discretion?

  • We use different types and sizes of every packaging material that fits your parcel appropriately.

  • We pack any product of different sizes, shapes, or fragility.

  • Our packing team uses professional packaging tools and techniques.

  • Handling confidential, personal, fragile, and expensive items is our team’s expertise.

  • Our packaging equipment set can help in packing any item in the fastest and safest ways possible.

Enjoy The Freedom To Choose From Our International And Domestic Logistics Partners

Pack and Ship Services

You have a variety of options to choose from when you need an item across the continent. Whether you’re a sender or receiver, you have a personal preference regarding the team that will handle your parcels. The good news: Pack & Mail Plus already dealt with this issue so that you can pick the shipping company according to your taste!

  • FedEx
  • USPS

  • DHL
  • Lone Star

We’re happy to ensure your parcels’ security and safety arrivals.

Give us a call when you need the packing and shipping of your essentials. Pack & Mail Plus is ready to assist you anytime!


FedEx (Federal Express)

FedEx is a leading-edge shipping company since its establishment in the 1970s. The core of this business is all about people. Partnering with Pack & Mail Plus delivers their power to you here in Texas!

With our partnership, you can enjoy an express distribution of your items domestically and internationally within one to three business days. FedEx provides fast, trustworthy, and time-definite shipments all over the world within 220 countries and territories. Its rapid and safe delivery of its customers’ packages made FedEx the world’s largest express transportation company, making 3.6 million shipping transactions every day.


USPS (United States Postal Service)

USPS aims to provide necessary mailing and shipping assistance to its residential and business clients. Partnering with Pack & Mail Plus boosts the connection of more people throughout Texas.



Founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn in 1969, DHL has become a world-class logistics industry over the years. Their 380,000 employees worldwide are working daily to help you cross borders, grow and be successful in your business, and send mail to your family and friends.

DHL’s goal is to deliver your parcels with speed and excellence and help you connect with people to improve your life.


LSO/Lone Star Overnight

LSO/Lone Star Overnight is the leading regional parcel delivery company throughout the Southwest. We provide a broad range of parcel delivery services with our own personalized Texas touch you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Package Receiving Services By Pack & Mail Plus

Similar to mailbox rentals, package receiving services enables us to receive your parcels and keep them safe until you can pick them up. Pack & Mail created this service to safeguard your items, including protecting your identity when the courier delivers them.

package receiving

Never Miss A Delivery In A Safe And Convenient Way

  • Protect your package and keep it away from porch thieves. Nosy neighbors and package thieves constantly monitor houses whether the owners are at home or not. That’s why we offer this service to keep you away from their thoughts of taking your precious items away.

  • Never miss deliveries on your day out. Enjoy an out-of-town trip, whether it is a business trip or vacation, not worrying about belongings at your door. Your deliveries are safe and sound with us with 24 hours protection until you’re ready to pick them up.

  • Receive your items in our place or your address. You have the choice to pick up your item privately in our shop or get it in your mailbox or your doorstep. Pack & Mail Plus can provide the safest method for you!

You deserve the peace of mind with every package you receive or ship.

Pack & Mail Plus is happy to deliver it to you!

International Shipping

Pack & Mail Plus can link your items abroad. So if you need an item out of the country, our logistics partners will help you send all your (business or personal) packages anywhere globally. We will provide an appropriate step-by-step guide in shipping your items to a specific country.

We offer an assurance of time-definite and the exact day of your shipment’s arrival at their designated terminus with the use of our real-time tracker. It will help you keep an eye on the journey of your parcels. You will be able to see the shipment’s progress and remove the chance of losing the package.


Furthermore, you will keep tabs on the estimated time and the specific day of your deliveries when they reach their destinations. Finally, through our real-time tracker, you will get notifications about successful shipment delivery.

Each of our logistics partners (FedEx, USPS, and DHL) has unique offers for international shipping. So when you need to send your items outside the United States, you can talk to us, and we will guide you from packing your items, choosing the international shipping service you desire, to the shipment of your parcel.

LSO/Lone Star Overnight


If FedEx, USPS, or DHL cannot cater to your package, you can get a freight option with our partner—LSO/Lone Star Overnight. Our freight experts can get your big or heavy package delivered professionally. We are happy to provide bulk and digital solutions to keep providing the best shipping experience in Texas.

So if your business needs something big delivered and monitored, you can speak with Pack & Mail Plus to get help from freight experts. We have the capable equipment available to pack and ship your oversized items safely to your desired destination. For detailed info about freight logistics, you can contact Pack & Mail Plus team today.

You deserve a quick and secure shipping experience that suits your budget. That’s why our proud staff are happy to serve you today.

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