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We prepared answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

We provided a series of common questions and answers which might quench your curiosity about our services. We hope you can find all the questions you have in mind.

What kind of services does Pack & Mail Plus offer?

Pack & Mail Plus offers a wide range of services like:

  • Mailbox Rentals

  • Send Money

  • Gift Wrapping

  • Packaging and Shipping

  • Printing and Copying

  • Document Services

  • Notary Service

  • Fax Service

  • Office Service

Will I get a tracking number for my shipment?

Yes, we will provide you a tracking number for your shipment is the shipping method you choose offers it. Monitoring the progress of your parcel is vital, and we want you to stay updated. All deliveries (domestically or internationally) have tracking numbers.

What makes Pack & Mail Plus different from others?

Pack & Mail Plus caters to our neighborhood with all kinds of shipping services. We pack, ship, and provide other services that ensure that you are happy. The services we provide at Pack & Mail Plus are:

  • Office Service (office supplies, laminating, binding, and many more)

  • Document Service (collating, stapling, document finishing, document binding, punching, document shredding, and others)

  • Notary Service

  • Gift wrapping

  • Sending money

  • Fax service

  • Mailbox Rentals

What are the details of your packaging service?

We pack all sorts of items (different sizes, shapes, weights, or lengths), so you don’t have to worry about the safe packing. Our packaging materials are designed to contain items with regular or irregular shapes and fragile or breakables. And our packaging team members are expert in this area, so your parcels are in good hands.

What are the details of your shipping services?

All the packages for delivery have a tracking number that you will receive to keep tabs on the progress of your parcels. We offer domestic and international shipments, so Pack N’ Mail Plus can assist you if you need to send more than one package to different locations.

We are your one-stop-shop supplier, providing everything you need for your business or personal shipping transactions.

Do you provide pick-up and delivery services?

Yes, we will pick up and deliver your parcels. So if you don’t have time to do it, we’ll make sure that you’ll get the best errand services. We can do both services either at your home address or at your workplace for your convenience. You can check our delivery and pick-up service details and pricing on our service pages.

What kinds of documents can I apply notarization?

The documents for notarization are:

  • Power of Attorney

  • Authorization Letter

  • Deeds

  • Trusts

  • Notary Service

  • Affidavits

  • Loan Documents

  • Marriage or Divorce Certificate

  • Guardianship

  • Real Estate

  • Lease of Contract

Please contact us for more inquiries about your documents that need notarization.

Do you deliver notarized documents?

We can do that. After your documents are notarized, we can send them to the address you provide us. We can even make copies of your papers before delivering them to you or your receiver’s location.

What’s the importance of notarization?

Documents have to be notarized to make them legally effective. If the records are authenticated, it helps prevent fraud in any legal form. It can also be used as tangible evidence in court. Another reason is to ensure that the signee made the document of his/her own free will.

What is a notarized document?

A notarized document refers to the documents signed by a notary public. It is substantial for documents to be notarized to have a legal impact and used in any legal transactions.

Does it take long to send a fax?

With the advanced technology today, sending fax will only take 30 seconds to a minute per page as long as both lines’ connection is fast.

Why should I rent a mailbox and not a P.O. Box?

Here are some of the benefits of renting a mailbox:

  • You will get a legit street address, unlike for P.O. box wherein you will only be given a number.

  • We will send you a message whenever your mail arrives.

  • Your mails are safe and secure because they are protected 24 hours.

  • There’s no need to worry about accepting your mail if you are not home because we will receive them for you.

  • Your privacy is protected since we will be receiving your mails instead of using your home address.

You deserve a quick and secure shipping experience that suits your budget. That’s why our proud staff are happy to serve you today.

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