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Managing your documents yourself takes a lot of time and effort, and is only achievable with the help of an array of tools. The good thing is that Pack & Mail Plus can help you regarding this meticulous matter. We have a friendly staff who can help you finish the menial tasks, allowing you to focus on the important matter you need to deal with using those documents.

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For print and document services in San Antonio, TX, the experts at Pack & Mail Plus have a comprehensive range of copy and print services with a focus on personalized service. If you require a single black-and-white copy or 1,000 color sets, we have you covered.


We have various kinds of document services you can choose or better yet; you can let us do all of them for you. Here are the different types of document services do we offer:

  • Collating – Collecting and arranging of your documents after printing or copying.

  • Stapling – While we accumulate your copies, we can fasten them to be more organized.

  • Punching (3-hole) – We will use a three-hole punch to make holes on your documents in preparation for binding.

  • Folding – the two commonly used in folding your brochures, flyers, or cards are half-fold and tri-fold.

  • Binding – Binding your documents will safeguard them from damage.

  • Laminating – We have various kinds of laminating films to protect your document.

  • Document finishing – We make sure to create a fantastic finished product to satisfy your readers.

  • Document shredding – Our staff will dispose of the documents you don’t need anymore discreetly.

You can let us arrange your documents in bulk or in pieces, saving you a day or more of work. We also accept confidential and personal files, where we process everything discreetly. We assure you that no information will leak out with our trustworthy staff. Call us if you have questions to ask or any clarifications, and let’s be partners with your document management!



Collating refers to accumulating all your printed documents, sorting them out, and assembling them according to their sequence until they are arranged into a final product. Gathering your individual sheets takes a lot of time, especially if you have a bulk of documents to collect.

Our team members can assist you with this matter using our professional tools and techniques in document sorting. They can collate your documents for your book project or file organization, So if you come and pick them up, your documents are properly fixed. Allowing us to help you collate your documents will save time and workload for you and your team!

Pack and Mail Plus packaging
Pack and Mail Plus packaging


A single staple is already a chore. So if you need hundreds or thousands of documents to fasten, Pack & Mail Plus can provide the stapling tasks for you. We have a set of document fastening equipment in our shop that can quickly bind documents quickly and properly.

So if you finished a print job or your archived documents need organizing, don’t hesitate to contact Pack & Mail Plus. We will make sure to finish stapling your documents as early as possible before you pick them up or receive them in your address.

Punching (3-hole)

The simplest and most essential way to organize office documents is the three-hole punch. While the name sounds small, it can compile hundreds of letters and other types of office pages into a small and secure space. Your office might have trouble facing the task of collating a ton of paperwork for a three-hole punch; Pack & Mail Plus is here to help!

No need to tire and bore your team for punching holes in your archives. Let us do the hole-making to keep them calm and relaxed while performing higher-value tasks and waiting for our call informing you to receive your documents!

Pack and Mail Plus packaging


Folding plays an essential role in your urgent or archive documents. With the correct fold of your brochures, leaflets, or invitation cards, you can catch your recipient’s attention and convey the message to them clearly (or the way you want them to be). The common types of folding used by many are half-fold and tri-fold; however, there are other types of folds that we can do for your documents.

Talk to us so we can discuss the folding type we will do to your brochures, flyers, or cards. We have sufficient tools and skillful staff to make your finished products as perfect and presentable as possible. Entrust your papers at Pack & Mail Plus today!

Binding (comb, spiral, heat)

Binding your documents makes them look presentable and enticing to the eyes of your readers. It helps them to read and comprehend the content of your coffee table book, brochures, magazines, or yearbook with ease.

Save yourself the trouble of organizing your documents and allow us to do it for you. Pack & Mail Plus binding services are:

  • Spiral binding

If you need binding services, contact us, and we will explain the different binding styles and tell you the best binding service we can do to your files. We’ll make sure to make you smile after you see your finished product.

Pack and Mail Plus packaging


The best way to protect your documents from any damage and harm is through lamination. When your file is laminated, it is secure and safe from getting wet, crumpled, or torn. Thereby making it last for many years, and most of all, you’ll save money and resources.

We have different kinds of laminating films, formats, and sizes you can choose from. You can talk to our professional laminators to know the most suited laminating film to use on your documents.

Pack & Mail Plus offers a fast and high-quality laminating service and guarantees the longevity and protection of your laminated documents.

Document Finishing

Document finishing is the final step in organizing your documents after printing or copying. And the final product should be as good as the content of the copies.

The services included in Pack & Mail Plus’ document finishing are:

  • Collating

  • Binding

  • Laminating

  • Stapling

  • Punching

  • Folding

You worked hard and spent too much effort making your documents, so the final appearance of your papers should be presentable and pleasing to your viewers’ eyes or readers.
We value your hard work, so rest assured that our team members will exert more effort in producing a unique and excellent final product of your documents.

Document Finishing

Document Scanning

Besides printing and copying your files, another way of reproducing a copy is through document scanning.

Benefits of document scanning:

  • It helps to make the workflow better. Better workflow means better work results.

  • You can access your file wherever you are, and anytime you want.

  • You will have more space in your workplace.

Pack & Mail Plus can assist you with your document scanning. We cater bulk document scanning every day, and it’s proof that we can scan high-quality copies making your documents look like the original file.

Document Shredding

After utilizing tons of papers for documentation, and other purposes, the next thing to do is dispose of them. And one way to destroy documents (especially the sensitive ones) is through document shredding.

What’s the purpose of document shredding?

Documents from companies are very important and contain information that shouldn’t be disclosed to anyone, which is why they are disposed of through shredding. Why?

  • Document shredding prevents identity theft.

  • To avoid top secret information leakage.

We prioritize your privacy and respect confidentiality; hence, if you need a document shredding service, Pack & Mail Plus will do it for you.

Document Shredding

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