Is it worrisome to think of your mails when you are not home or in your workplace? Why not rent a mailbox for your convenience? Don’t you know that you would benefit a lot when you rent a mailbox?

Yes, my friend! There are many advantages to renting a mailbox. Aside from reducing your worries (that may lead to stress because of overthinking), you can relax and focus on your activities.

Suppose you receive a lot of mails because of your business or work; it is sometimes troublesome waiting for the mails to arrive when you have urgent appointments to attend to, like business meetings, training, conferences, or other events. Or if you and your loved ones love going out of town for a short break.

This is why people prefer to rent a private mailbox for their mails. And to convince you to rent a mailbox for your deliveries, we provided 7 advantages of a private mailbox rental service.

Legit Street Address

It is vital to have a legit street address for your mails so that the couriers won’t have difficulties locating your address. Compared to P.O. Box, where you are only given a number, renting a mailbox is different because you will be using the service provider’s address for your mails. Having the street address for your mails will make you more credible.


Someone is always present to receive the mail for you (especially if they require a signature in accepting the mail); hence, there’s no need to worry if your mail arrives and concentrate on your task. Unlike if you use your home address or workplace, there’s no guarantee that someone will accept your mails. There’s a tendency that your package will get lost, especially if the delivery guy is not responsible enough to keep safe of your parcel.


Your mails are secured any time of the day from the porch thieves who are always looking for the chance to steal someone else’s property because the security for the mailbox rentals is 24/7. Furthermore, your mails are intact and are away from any damages or destructions since they are kept inside the mailbox waiting for you to pick them up.


Mailbox rental service is an excellent way to receive your mails, especially if you are a very private person and don’t want people to go to your home address.
It is also beneficial for individuals working home-based and who don’t want to make the address known to the public.

You Will Be Mobile

You can freely move from one place to another without thinking that you will miss the delivery guy who is going to deliver your mail; thus, enjoying your holiday vacation with your family without interruption. Or you can concentrate on your meetings at the time they drop-ship your mail.

Your vacation plans won’t be put on hold and interrupted whenever your mails arrive because someone is always on standby to receive them.


One great reason people avail of a private mailbox rental service is the convenience and satisfaction of the assistance. Aside from saving time (because you don’t need to go to the center to follow up if your mails arrived or not), the service provider will send you a notification whenever your mails arrive. In the meantime, your mails are stored in your mailbox until you are ready to fetch them. Some service providers even deliver your mails to you if your schedule is tight.

Full-service Mail Receiving

Your private mailbox rental service provider accepts mails from all shipping companies, so your sender can utilize the service of any courier in sending your mails.

Pack & Mail Plus in San Antonio, Texas, offers a private mailbox rental service for your comfort. Though we are open from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays, our customer service is accessible 24 hours to entertain your queries.

Besides the private mailbox rentals, we also offer other services that you might need, such as:

  • Packaging and Shipping (locally or around the world)

  • Office services

  • Printing and copying

  • Gift wrapping

  • Sending money

  • Document services

  • Fax service

  • Notary service

You can avail of more services at Pack & Mail Plus, and you will know about them when you contact us or visit us at our store. Our team members are approachable and friendly, so don’t hesitate to approach them.

If you need a service provider for your private mailbox rentals, talk to us and we will walk through the process and inform you of the know-how of the assistance and how it works. Our friendly and reliable staff will attend to all your questions regarding this matter until you fully understand everything.

Renting your private mailbox with Pack & Mail Plus is not only to avoid crowded places but to gain multiple services that we deliver.