20 Best Happy New Year Greetings 2022

We’ve just welcomed 2022, but it’s not too late to send your greeting cards and best wishes to your friends, families, and loved ones. And in case you want to add a personal touch and some more hints of TLC or tender loving care to your emails or physical cards, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top 20 best happy new year greetings 2022 has to offer, which will surely bring a smile to everyone’s face!

“May this new year bring you peace, happiness, and good health.”

Short and simple.

Your new year greeting doesn’t have to belong and be flowery. A short phrase is best if you’re on a tight schedule or don’t want too much fuss over your messages.

As long as your wishes are sincere, your best new year greetings 2022 will reflect that. Plus, not everyone has the time to decipher metaphors or long-winded best new year greetings this 2022, so why not keep it simple?

“We have one more chance to make this year right.”

A take on a classic best happy new year greeting, “new hope,” which is also a best new year greeting for encouragement and motivation.

This new year greeting gives hope that the new year is a new chance to make it right and that we should always be looking forward and striving to better ourselves.

“Here’s to more love, laughter, and best wishes for a brighter year!”

This short yet meaningful wish is another inspiring and hopeful statement on our list of best happy new year greetings 2022. I mean, who doesn’t want more love and laughter this new year after everything the world went through in 2021?

“May you live every day of the new year to its fullest, for each new day is a gift from above. “

2022 is another gift, a new beginning we’ve got. And this new year greeting reminds us that each day comes with its own challenges, so you have to live your best life every day without regrets!

“This new chapter is not one without challenges, but may you always find the strength, courage, and reason to shine through like you always do.”

The best new year greetings aren’t always sweet and sentimental best wishes, but sometimes they can be blunt, hard-hitting reminders of the best things in life like love and life itself.

Furthermore, this can also be the perfect opportunity to show your friends or loved ones how much you admire their resilience and your willingness to support them through their ups and downs in the days ahead.

“Wishing you fulfilling wealth, health, and happiness in the New Year!”

Specific but sweet.

This new year greeting is a little more specific by mentioning money and health, but aren’t they two of the best things that anyone can wish for?

“Here is a toast to all the best things your heart desires and the best new year wishes for you!”

And we’re down to the second half of our best happy new year greetings 2022. Thus, here’s a light yet hear-warming one that you can share with anyone you know!

“I hope this year brings endless opportunities your way, and that each day is filled with good things that will bring you contentment.”

As the new year unfolds before us, may it be full of opportunities that will lead to greater days! And may each day bring nothing but joy for our dearest friends!

“Warmest wishes for a bright new year ahead!”

Here’s another sweet and simple best happy new year greeting that you can share with your loved ones, friends, or colleagues for 2022!

Short but heartfelt. Who wouldn’t appreciate it, right?

“We’ve made it through another year! Here’s to a new one filled with happiness and best wishes for you!”

Welcoming the new year is also a time for reflection. And reminding your friend, S/O, or loved one how far they’ve come is also a perfect best new year greeting for motivation and encouragement.

“Let’s make this year better than the last, start anew, and pave our path to greatness.”

Another inspiring one on our list of 20 Best Happy New Year Greetings 2022.

This new year greeting encourages us all to take responsibility and do what’s necessary to make this year better. Furthermore, it also encourages us to push ourselves and start anew for a brighter path ahead!

“May your journey be filled with good fortune and happiness!”

Here’s another classically sweet new year greeting we’ve got on our list.

Short yet symbolic, this new year message is one you can easily write on your greeting cards for any of your friends and loved ones!

“May you find all that you seek in the New Year ahead!”

Another hopeful one to share with your loved ones when sending them your best wishes for this new year. May they always find what they seek in 2022!

“Let’s see what new things the new year has to offer us!”

Apart from looking back, the new year is also a time to be excited for what the future holds. So if you’re into spontaneity and excitement this new year, then go for this best happy new year greeting!

“May you enter 2022 with a smile on your face and best wishes in your heart!”

Here’s a cute, sweet, and hopeful wish we’ve got on our list of 20 Best Happy New Year Greetings 2022. This one’s perfect for your besties, S/O, or for kids!

“Wishing you a warm, bright new year ahead!”

Another simple but heartwarming greeting we’ve got on our list. Wishing your friends nothing but warmth and brightness this new year!

“Sending my love and best wishes to you in the New Year!”

From one friend to another, this best happy new year greeting is the perfect way to spread love and warmth this 2022.

“Here’s to more laughter, growth, and victories, big or small this 2022!”

This 2022, it’s best to appreciate every little victory. And knowing that your friends are always there to cheer you on, is just enough motivation for us all!

“To a New Year filled with new beginnings and possibilities!”

Moving forward and always bettering ourselves is the goal in this new year. Thus, we can’t help but ask for just that in our best happy new year greeting!

“Wishing you a year of happy moments!”

And lastly, let’s end this on an inspiring note with this best new year greeting that encourages everyone to share more happy moments with their family and friends because nothing can get better than that!

Can’t Wait To Send Your New Year Wishes?

And that’s our list of 20 Best Happy New Year Greetings 2022. Whether you’re planning to send your chosen one through email, write it on a greeting card, include it in a note that comes with a gift, your friend, S/O, or loved one will surely appreciate the warm wishes you’re sending their way!

And in case you need a hand in choosing the best greeting cards or sending your letters and packages to your loved ones, you can always count on Pack & Mail Plus to help! Just contact us or swing by our store anytime!

From the Pack & Mail Plus family, we wish you all the best in this new year!

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