Unpopular opinion: holidays are fun, but if you’re an adult, the season can be incredibly stressful. Between finding the right gifts, learning new recipes, and trying to make everything look Pinterest-perfect, who has time to worry about shipping deadlines?

But if you’re one of the many people who have a bunch of gifts to send this year, fret not! To make the season really enjoyable for you, we’ve compiled the holiday shipping deadlines in Texas you definitely shouldn’t miss!

When to Ship out Your Packages?

Holidays are the busiest season of any year. Thus, there’s really not much time for you to waste if you want your gifts to arrive on time. However, here’s a spoiler alert: there’s no definite list of holiday shipping deadlines in Texas.

When you should ship out your package depends on several factors such as your target date of delivery and your preferred shipping company. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to send your package at least 15 days before your desired arrival date to make sure it gets delivered on time.

Some of the Holiday Shipping Deadlines in Texas You Can’t Miss

Of course, we wouldn’t want to be a downer. While there are no standard holiday shipping deadlines in Texas, there are dates you must take note of as you plan your schedule.

And if you’re looking to work with us and send your gifts through our partners, here are some of the suggested shipping deadlines you should consider.

Shipping With US Postal Service

According to SBG San Antonio, if you’re sending gifts from the city with USPS and you want them to arrive by December 25, you must ship them out by the following dates:

December 9

If you will be sending them to diplomatic or military locations with APO, FPO, or DPO addresses. This is for all zip codes and is open for both priority and first-class mails.

December 15

If you’ll be availing of the retail ground service. This is advisable for packages that don’t weigh over 70 pounds.

December 16

For military addresses such as APO, FPO, or DPO, excluding zip code 093.

December 17

If you’ll be sending first-class packages not exceeding 15.99 ounces.

December 18 and December 23

December 18 is the last day you can send priority mails if you want to be certain that the recipients get them by Christmas. However, if you really cannot make it, the deadliest deadline would be December 23. You have to note though that this is for domestic shipments only and there’s no guarantee that it will arrive on time.

Shipping Through FedEx

Another trusted shipping partner of ours is FedEx. And if you want them as your courier, you have until December 15 to ship your packages. Nonetheless, you also have the option to send your gifts through their same-day or two-day overnight shipping services. However, these may be a bit pricier and are not available in all locations.

Don’t Know Who To Ship With?

We get it! The said holiday shipping deadlines in Texas can be quite overwhelming. And if you’re still clueless about who to ship with, there’s no need to worry! We work with the most trusted couriers and we can help you figure out the best shipping options for you. Just keep us in the loop and we can do the legwork for you!

Some More Tips to Avoid the Holiday Rush

Now, apart from knowing the holiday shipping deadlines in Texas, there are a few other things you can do to help ease your holiday stress. Some of these are the following:

Prepare and Ship Your Packages in Batches

If you have a ton of gifts to send out, then the holiday shipping deadlines in Texas won’t be that helpful for you. However, preparing them in groups or in bulks or batches might make the process a lot less daunting.

You can try splitting up all your holiday packages into smaller batches and bring them to us or your preferred shipping company. This way, you’re not cramming everything in the last few days. There’s also less chance for you to forget shipping out a single package.

Do Them in Advance

Preparing your packages in batches won’t help if you won’t take note of the given holiday shipping deadlines in Texas. And yes, you shouldn’t wait for the last minute or the actual day to ship out your gifts. If you’re planning to work on your holiday shipment in batches, you should start sending them out a few days or weeks before the deadline. This way, you’ll get to have more time for yourself and other holiday preparations.

Double-Check the Contents of Your Package

This is especially important if you’re shipping fragile items. Make sure that there are no cracks or breaks before sending them out. You wouldn’t want your holiday gifts to end up in pieces, would you?

Avoid Using excessive Packaging Material

This will just add to the expenses and might not be that necessary. If you’re shipping a heavy item, then it’s understandable to use more packaging material. But if it’s just a light gift, try to avoid using too much tape and bubble wrap. It will just make the whole process harder and more time-consuming.

Determine Your Budget

Speaking of additional expenses, it’s important that you already determine your holiday budget. This way, you’ll know which shipping options you can afford and choose the one that’s most convenient for you.

Label Your Packages Properly

This one’s a no-brainer. However, we understand that it’s easy to forget the little things especially during a busy season like this. Hence, this is your friendly reminder to make sure you label each of your holiday packages correctly.

Including the name and address of the recipient, as well as the return address should help make the process smoother for everyone involved. This will also prevent your gifts from getting lost in the holiday shuffle.

Have a Check-list Ready

Since we were on the subject of forgetting things, it would be helpful to have a holiday shipping checklist. This will help you avoid forgetting even the smallest gifts and feel less overwhelmed with all your holiday responsibilities.

Ship Your Packages from a Reputable Shipping Company

Along with holiday shipping deadlines in Texas, you should also consider working with a dependable shipping company. This will definitely help you have a worry and hassle-free experience. They’re the ones you can expect to provide up-to-date information about the holiday shipping deadlines in Texas for your chosen courier. Furthermore, they can also help you calculate the shipping fees and recommend the best shipping option for your packages.

Got Some Gifts to Receive?

Holiday Shipping Deadlines in Texas 2021

It’s the season of giving and of course, you’re not the only one who’s sending holiday gifts. And if you do have gifts to receive and are expecting holiday deliveries, we suggest you prepare your mailbox in advance.

However, if you don’t want your home mailbox to be swamped with holiday deliveries, you can also use a private mailbox! This will give you more space to store all your parcels, and you can even use it as your permanent mailing address. Just make sure to rent one before the holiday season hits and let your workmates, friends, or family know!

Wrapping Things Up

Before you wrap your gifts and prepare your holiday plans, make sure you’ve checked out the holiday shipping deadlines in Texas. This way, you won’t be rushing to your chosen shipping partner at the last minute and stressing yourself out.

And if you need an extra hand, don’t hesitate to contact us! Apart from our packing and shipping services, we can help you speed up your holiday preparations with our gift-wrapping services. Our friendly staff will not only take care of your packages but will also make sure that your gifts look extra festive and holiday-ready!

And in case you’ll need more space for the gifts you’re expecting, we also offer private mailbox rental services like the one mentioned above. Just head over to our store or give us a call for a quick chat about how we can help you!


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